The Sniper Reloaded 2014 ChessBase And Fritz Version


his is the ChessBase and FRITZ version of The Sniper Reloaded 2014 by FM Charlie Storey

The Sniper Reloaded 2014 is the update to Fide Master Charlie Storey’s 2009 groundbreaking book The Sniper Everyman Chess

Using state of the art 64-bit multiple core processor engine analysis Charlie presents busts and improvements on the 2009 work to create the best way to play for a win with Black in the final round of a tournament – He incorporates real human factors.

The ideas of Quantum, praxis, Unicorns, Dendrites, Double Snipers and the Sniper Horsemen of the White Apocalypse ensure dynamic learning that even a Grand Master will learn from.

The ChessBase / Fritz version of The Sniper Reloaded 2014 aids personal research and easy referencing of Sniper Reloaded 2014 positions. This ChessBase / Fritz version is created as a component of The Fide Master Training course which is a structured with intention of it being a rapid way to attain a Fide Master title.

This product is created by someone who is a Fide Master and Coach.

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