Being a FIDE Master for Charlie was no easy feat but with his grit and determination, he was able to rise from his humble beginnings to become not only a well-known and well-decorated chess player but also as a coach for Junior chess players.

From Humble Beginning to FIDE Master

Charlie Storey grew up in an economically-challenged household but this did not stop him from reaching his goals. He started playing chess at the age of 10 and became his middle school team’s captain. Not playing much till the age of 14, Charlie was completely bitten by the chess bug and never stopped playing until now.

Now Charlie is an FIDE Master and FIDE trainer. He is regarded as a well-known and well-decorated chess player with 168 opens under his belt giving him more wins than anybody in England. He credits most of his success to his Sniper method whose amazing opening sequences catapults you to an advantage. He is also known as the most qualified junior chess coach in England for players aged 6-14 and has coached four international competitions. 

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