The UK’s most qualified and most successful Chess Teacher of aged 7 to 14 year old students.

It wasn’t easy for Charlie in his early years, he certainly is a model of resilience and shows how you too can train your brain to adapt to all the challenges that life throws at you.

In this age of AI, Chess is still one of the most played and most competitive board games. Find out how Charlie turned his life around through Chess mastery.

The one to one personal training accelerates improvement like no other and I use secret teacher training methods that have not been published! Well I do have to make a living!

Read on to ensure your child will benefit from having access to ‘The UK’s most qualified and most successful Chess Teacher of aged 7 to 14 year old students.’

Please do contact me for a few taster sessions before deciding to / not to committing to a weekly program of one, two or three hours per week.

I am a premium Chess teacher with over 160 Open victories, several National Junior Chess Champions created in past 2 years, regular England Team Chess Coach and highly dedicated to students in my training programs with a recent 3,000 Chess rating at –

I do charge Premium pricing of £50 per hour. Remember –
no one is as qualified or as successful in the UK be it FIDE Master International Master or Grandmaster, so if you want to maximize your son / daughter’s potential we need to work together as our UK culture dictates kids have other pressing priorities.

Using my bespoke streamlined and proven teaching methods will ensure they become the best they can be; read on for the evidence to help you make an informed decision.

Oh yes, one other thing, I am a qualified Level 2 Football Coach and ex Blyth Spartans footballer!

So that you can make an informed decision on the chess training time you have available for your son / daughter to maximize their chess improvement, I am going to have to ramble on about how good I am as a Chess Teacher but before that here is concrete evidence.

Here are the results from the prestigious December 2018 London Junior Chess Championships where my two Skype Chess students finished joint first – This is arguably, the toughest under 10 tournament in the UK.

London Junior Chess Championships Under 10 section December 2018.
As you can see from the final round listings both students ended in position 1 and position 2.

You may wonder how a FIDE Master from Newcastle can perform so well as a Chess Teacher for students in London?
The answer is my ‘refined across 20 years’ bespoke training system delivered through 1-1 Skype lessons which will soon be rolled out to schools all over the UK.

Book a 1 hour chess consultancy with me to guarantee improvement in your chess game.


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